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Grafton County Conservation District

The Grafton County Conservation District assists interested land users with technical, educational and financial conservation services to protect, improve and sustain our natural resources.


Teachers & Students

Stewardship Materials

Grafton County Conservation District (GCCD) is offering natural resource conservation stewardship materials to Grafton County fifth-grade students for FREE! Each year the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) prepares educational materials based on a natural resource conservation theme. The theme for 2013 is Where Does Your Water Shed? Any fifth-grade level school group or community group (scouts, 4-H, etc) may receive educational booklets for free, thanks to GCCD’s commitment to fostering natural resource conservation in the next generation. In addition to the student educational booklet, we will also provide an educator guide with learning activities for teachers or leaders to use.

Ever wonder where the rain goes once it hits the ground? That depends on what it lands on and where the water will shed. If it hits a roof, it might go into a gutter and then down a downspout into a grassed lawn. If it hits a parking lot, it can’t soak in so it travels to the lowest point until it reaches an area that it may travel to a retention pond or grass area. If it lands on the soil, it will soak into the ground and travel to the groundwater aquifer. But if it lands on bare ground – then it might cause erosion depending on the amount of rain. It is important to know that we all live in a watershed. Join us on the journey to find out where your water sheds.

If a Grafton County fifth-grade group would like to receive these materials, please notify the Conservation District by March 29, 2013 by phone: (603) 353-4652, ext. 103 or email: We will order the materials developed by NACD to encourage good stewardship of the soil, water, wildlife and all natural resources. In order to have adequate materials we will need to know the number of teachers or group leaders, the number of students participating for each group, and the correct mailing address. We will forward the materials to your school or community group when they arrive. For more information contact us.

2014 Stewardship Materials

Jim Page Conservation Scholarship

Grafton County Conservation District is seeking applicants for the Jim Page Conservation Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a resident of Grafton County attending a camp based in conservation, natural resources or environmental education. Each year Grafton County Conservation District year awards a scholarship of $300.00 in honor of Jim Page to an interested camper to foster learning in the area of natural resource conservation. The Jim Page Conservation Scholarship can be applied towards a 4-H Camp or conservation camp experience. Applicants must complete an application form available from Grafton County Conservation District, and write a short paragraph about why they would like attend a conservation camp. Scholarship recipients should be prepared to speak to the Grafton County Conservation District about their camp experience the following fall.

Congratulations to Johanna Pastoriza, Stella Rose and Smith Merrill, 2013 Jim Page Conservation Scholarship Winners!

2014 Page Information and Application