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Grafton County Conservation District

The Grafton County Conservation District assists interested land users with technical, educational and financial conservation services to protect, improve and sustain our natural resources.

Sales Programs

GCCD Conservation Plant Sale

Want to do something NOW, that will benefit you and your land into the future?  Grafton County Conservation District (GCCD) offers a variety of flowers, shrubs, fruit and berries attractive to landowners and wildlife during our annual Conservation Plant Sale. You can place your order today, and pick up your plants Friday, April 29 or Saturday, April 30 for spring planting.  Adding plants on your property is a best management practice for resource conservation. They can improve our water quality, reduce soil and wind erosion, clean the air, reduce energy costs, attract and support local wildlife, and beautify your property.  Shrubs provide food and cover for wildlife and pollinators, attractive foliage, flowers and fruits.  Some of the shrubs we offer include witch hazel, Eastern sand cherry, red osier dogwood, and red chokeberry.  The District also sells balsam and Fraser fir, American arborvitae, American hornbeam, hackberry, scarlet oak and sugar maple trees.  Several plant packages are also available.  A variety of apples, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are also for sale.

Many of the plants we offer are native to New Hampshire.  Plants native to our area are adapted to growing in our region’s soils and climate, requiring less maintenance (such as watering and fertilizing) than many introduced plants.  Most of our plants are bare-root, meaning they were harvested at the plant nursery when the plants were dormant and will ready for planting when you pick them up. Bareroot plants are affordable, hardy, have well-developed roots, and are easy to handle, transport and plant.

The 2022 Plant Order Form and 2022 Plant Descriptions Booklet are now available.  Check here for 2022 Plant Sale general information including workshops.  Please contact us or call if you would like to be added to our mailing list.


GCCD Trout Stocking Program

GCCD sells NH-raised brook and rainbow trout for pond stocking every spring.  The planned delivery date is Monday, May 9, 2022 1:00-1:30PM at the Grafton County Farm Stand parking area for orders of 6-8″ trout.  The deadline to place an order is April 29, 2022.   2022 Trout order form   Please contact us to be added to our mailing list.


NH Conservation District Cover Crop Seed Mix Bulk Order

The New Hampshire Conservation Districts in cooperation with the NH Soil Health Partnership are offering cover crop mixes specially designed to improve soil health on NH farms, at wholesale prices.  Three multi-species conservation mixes are offered: Early Season, Mid-Season and Late Season  2022 Cover Crop Seed information

Items for Sale

GCCD has various items for sale throughout the year.  View our current offerings below.                        wildlife habitat sign

 Wildlife Habitat Sign $2.00/sign