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Grafton County Conservation District

The Grafton County Conservation District assists interested land users with technical, educational and financial conservation services to protect, improve and sustain our natural resources.

Soil Health Equipment Rental

Healthy, productive soil is a balance of physical, biological and chemical properties.  When soil is compacted by equipment and animals, plant root growth is impaired by lack of air, water and nutrients.  Reducing soil compaction allows air, water and nutrients to reach plant roots, improving plant vigor, and increasing biological and chemical activity in the soil.

Grafton County Conservation District (GCCD) recently received a Conservation Moose Plate grant to purchase an AerWay aerator to help smaller farmers improve soil health.  The District has chosen a model that is 8 feet in width so that it is towable on public roads with a pickup truck at reduced speeds. The 8 foot width covers a tractor’s wheel width, reducing the number of trips needed to cover an area.  Also, the 8 foot width adapts to more types of uneven terrain found in Grafton County.  An aerator provides many benefits to soil health and can be used throughout the growing season.

The Grafton County Local Working Group has continually identified soil health and soil compaction, nutrient management, and erosion control and sediment reduction as local natural resource concerns in Grafton County.   We are excited to work with partners towards this goal.

GCCD Equipment Rental Agreement


The Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA) has 3 no till drills available to rent throughout the watershed!  You can learn more about the Farmers Alliance and their equipment library at